This might explain why you might see a large volume of 10,000 contracts on the day but open interest of just 5,000. Well, that’s because some of the contracts that were traded must have been closed out before the end of the day. With Bitcoin Futures, a growing open interest usually reflects the increasing market participation and capital inflow. Open interest is a record of the total number of open contracts in any particular commodity or options market on any given day. Because of this, when you open a new position the number of contracts in existence could increase which means the open interest of them will go up. If you subsequently close that position by using the sell to close order, they could be sold back to the writer and therefore cease to exist.


The Crude Oil Future Dec.22 and the Future RBOB Gasoline Dec.22 show a correlating course. Open interest provides information on whether money is flowing into or out of a market. From time to time, the statement appears in some publications that the open interest provides information about the price development of a financial instrument. The positions of the “non-reportables” are calculated as the difference between Total OI MINUS Total of the reportables. This depends on the sensitivity of the option’s premium to the directional move in the spot. The 140CE is deep ITM option, whose delta is close to 1, hence the option behaves very similar to spot.

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When open interest increases, this usually means new money is coming into the market for that option. As long as this is happening, the current trend will continue. When open interest decreases, this is usually a sign that the market is liquidating and more investors are leaving. For example, assume that the open interest of the ABC call option is 0. The next day an investor buys 10 options contracts as a new position.


In contradiction to all this, the lower values of open interest for of a stock indicate that investors are not interested in taking new positions in that stock at the given point in time. When the open interest for security is increasing, it indicates that the additional money is being invested in the market. And when open interest is decreasing, it means that money is being flown away from the market. As mentioned, the open interest is a useful indicator that can be used to know the demand for security in the market and hence, speculate its short-term price movements. The open interest in trading also reflects the overall liquidity and market activity regarding a particular security.

If Dave and Suzy are trading the same options contract, and Dave buys three contracts for a long position, open interest would equal three. If Suzy sells one contract, open interest will increase to four. Open interest would decline when the traders exit their positions. In other words, if Dave sold his three long contracts, open interest would fall to one. Regardless of whether their opening trades are long or short, they increase open interest, and open interest declines when they exit their trades. Below is a more detailed explanation of how open interest is calculated.

Future price developments cannot be derived from the number of open contracts, as each measure includes both a long and a short position. A high value is merely an indication of increased activity in the market. Here’s an example of trading volume and open interest figures for fictitious stock XYZ. Keep in mind that each option contract normally represents 100 shares of the stock. Simply put, open interest is the number of option contracts that exist for a particular stock.

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Therefore, when the is higher than open interests, it indicates a very high level of trading that day. Gold Rush Friday – A simple yet effective strategyOne of the relatively stable patterns in the gold market is the so-called… Are you an experienced FOREX trader looking for additional information…

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Are you wondering what open interest is and whether it is important to consider it? When futures traders plan their trading and weigh their decisions, they also consider open interest. One way to use open interest is to look at it relative to the volume of contracts traded. Decreasing open interest shows that the rate of new positions is decreasing, which indicates that the market may experience less active trading and is more likely to be range-bound. As open interest increases, it’s often a sign that a trend is rising. Conversely, as open interest decreases, it’s often a sign the trend is beginning to wane.

Clearly volumes and open interest are two different; buy seemingly similar set of information. The volume counter starts from zero at the start of the day and increments as and when new trades occur. However, OI is not discrete like volumes, OI stacks up or reduces based on the entry and exit of traders. In fact for the example we have just discussed, let us summarize the OI and volume information. Open interest reflects the number of contracts that are held by traders and investors in active positions, ready to be traded.

If you know what derivatives are, you must have come across the term Futures and Options several times. What you may not know is the exact meaning of F&O trading or how the whole thing works. Another concept connected to derivatives is MCX or Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited. There are many market tools and indicators that you can use to analyse market situations and predict short-term market movements. Continue reading to know the open interest meaning and how it can help you in your F&O trading.

It is by counting the totals from either buyers or sellers for any given market. While trading volume helps indicate activity in a security, it only shows the number of contracts and not the number of buyers or sellers. As a result, a single large purchase from an institutional investor might suggest broader activity than is actually occurring on that option. Investors should therefore use trading volume in conjunction with other indicators to interpret past or current price action. Little open interest in an option or futures contract can also mean there isn’t an active market for it.

However, as you gain experience, you will become familiar with the different strategies to make money. You don’t need a chart to use this indicator to confirm a trend. You can use it whether you’reswing tradingor day trading options. If price action is down but open interest is rising, a trader will know that new money is coming into that sector or market.

Options liquidation can be costly. How costly? –

Options liquidation can be costly. How costly?.

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The API allows users to search and filter across columns for each of the datasets, including reporting date or week, commodity groups, subgroups, or name, and contract market name. Customized data report results can be downloaded to available formats — CSV, RDF, RSS, TSV, or XML. Futures, futures options, and forex trading services provided by Charles Schwab Futures & Forex LLC. Trading privileges subject to review and approval. Forex accounts are not available to residents of Ohio or Arizona. Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses.

Understanding Open Interest

OI lets you know the shares that have been traded but are still open. Our philosophy is simple — publish options education that’s better than everyone else. No ads, no fluff, no subjective bias; just the facts beautifully organized for you.


It decreases when an existing owner of a futures contract sells to an existing short (a trader who has sold something that he or she doesn’t own). However, open interest is unaffected if a new buyer purchases from an existing long or a new seller sells to an existing short. Rising open interest indicates increased interest in the market because there are more contracts beings traded. When contracts are new, their open interest is limited, making them illiquid, which lessens their attractiveness to trade. It will take months, if not several years, to build up their open interest, and thus their liquidity.

Those investors that sold these options may buy the underlying stock to balance their bearish position from selling the options. These long positions will ultimately be sold when the options expire or the call buyers unwind their positions. As outlined above, open interest can be used combined with the price and the trading volume to determine the current market sentiment. It’s unwise to rely on a single indicator when making trading decisions. Bitcoin futures contracts allow traders to speculate on the price of Bitcoin without necessarily have to own it.

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The fact that there may be significant option open interest at strike prices corresponding to these round-number price levels serves to accentuate their significance as support and resistance. The overall trading volume and open interest are somewhat related concepts. While the volume accounts for all of the contracts that have been traded in a given period, open interest only considers the total number of open positions by market participants at any given time. The range of results in these three studies exemplify the challenge of determining a definitive success rate for day traders. At a minimum, these studies indicate at least 50% of aspiring day traders will not be profitable.