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“Sweet Mame blesses you
Let every taken sip be sweet,
Warming our heart and soul
Let the smile light on your face.
Let՚s gather around the table with sweet memories
Remembering our roots, Khars and Mush.”

Mame- traditional vodka, from Armenian fruit garden.

In the heart of Ararat Valley – in Sardarapat, which symbolizes the power of Armenian nation, people have been engaged in agricultural production for centuries, presenting its wide range of delicious fruit – nurtured from the earth and the sun – to the world.

Every local here knows about Mame’s gardens… The only survivor of the family members during the Armenian Genocide, Mame (as his fellow villagers called him) – renamed Harut, settled here and established fruitful gardens. People tell many stories about him, one of them is that he never sat at the table alone. He waited for the whole family to come together and after that he could have his delicious dinner and drink the fresh-smelling fruit vodka prepared by himself.

Years later, Mame’s grandchildren – the founders of the “MAME GARDEN” brand combined national values and ancient traditions and presented their family brand – the great range of 100% natural traditional fruit vodka – to the local and international markets.

At the core of the brand is the national identity, the respect for the ancestors and traditions, the family solidarity and the quality; in a short period of time, all these had a great impact on the brand awareness and recognition in the local and international markets.

ATTENTION: MAME GARDEN organizes procurement and purchasing activities of plums, peaches, apricots, apples and pears for vodka distillation purposes. For more information, please call us at (+374) 55 855 055.

The MAME GARDEN brand has been successful both in the Armenian and international markets over the past four years. The secret behind the success of our brand is 100% natural raw materials and for me personally high priority are the customer satisfaction and trust. MAME GARDEN has become a piece of my family’s history and the bearer of our traditional values.

Hovhannes Petrosyan
Founding Director, MAME GARDEN

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MAME GARDEN expresses gratitude to the staff of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE Bank, “Armavir” branch, for collaboration and its continuous support to our business.