No matter what you’re looking to ask from a PEO provider, Resourcing Edge can handle it. From payroll and HR to time and attendance, benefits, and risk management, you get a single provider that can capably take all of that off your plate. Like most PEOs, TriNet leverages the power of all its small business customers to get excellent rates on major medical insurance. Unlike some, however, it offers plans from a variety of providers, including Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealth, MetLife, and Aflac.


They are extremely common and popular, serving hundreds of millions of employees and thousands of businesses. Infiniti HRis especially geared toward larger businesses, specifically hotel management and franchises. Since many large companies already have some HR services or do not wish to change benefits packages, Infiniti lets clients choose servicesa la carte.

Do you require unlimited payroll and off-cycle pay runs? offers expert HR consultancy for onboarding your new employees. Deel offers a deal to hire employees — your first employee hire is free, subject to a few limitations. Deel provides a tool to help create remote teams and leads the market in international payroll and compliance. It develops locally compliant contracts in over 150 countries and offers payment in whichever currency the employee prefers. Also, Deel offers several payment methods to streamline employee payments.

  • Know that you are safe having the checks and balances managed by the PEO’s system.
  • All of its solutions “talk” to one another, so you don’t have to enter any information twice.
  • The package is pretty comprehensive, and there are plenty of options to suit.
  • CognosHR can handle state and federal payroll tax filings, unemployment insurance, ACA compliance, and worker’s compensation administration.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for industry-specific support, check to see if they would be a good fit.

Aside from The 10 Best Peo Companies Flex’s user-friendly interface, its tools are designed to automate HR tasks, which include managing employee-related documents. PURPOSE The purpose of this Security Response Policy from TechRepublic Premium is to outline the security incident response processes which must be followed. This policy will assist to identify and resolve information security incidents quickly and effectively, thus minimizing their business impact and reducing the risk of similar incidents recurring. Does Not offer basic features like time tracking, although integrations are allowed.

When Does It Make Sense to Invest In PEO Services?

Discover the secrets to IT leadership success with these tips on project management, budgets, and dealing with day-to-day challenges. Additionally, every customer can add HR and IT components like Payroll, Benefits, Device Management and others. Driven by the increase of hybrid work, the need for companies to rapidly scale and the benefits that come with digitalization, top PEO companies continue to trend.

  • If you’re interested in enterprise-grade employee benefits without the enterprise-grade price tag, a dedicated benefits specialist will walk through the entire process with you.
  • These accreditations are given to PEOs that have undergone strict scrutiny of their finances and demonstrated compliance with federal, state and local employment tax laws and best practices.
  • The employee database stores important information about each team member in one centralized location so that everyone has easy access.
  • Plus, they’ll handle the details common and rare, from tax administration and W-2s forms to wage garnishment and generating payroll reports.
  • Justworks is one of the few companies we reviewed that’s upfront about its pricing and contract information.
  • It has enterprise-level insurance that includes health maintenance organization coverage, PPO options, and high deductible plans.

Roughly 173,000 small and midsize businesses partner with PEOs to get high-quality benefits and proper HR support to help their businesses run smoothly. A PEO must adhere to both state and federal regulations, so some companies are divided up by region or even state. If you don’t qualify, many companies offer administrative services organization or HR outsourcing services. While these services may be similar to the PEO model, they do not have co-employment agreements. Additionally, Paychex can help you attract top employees and remotely onboard them once they join your company.